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One Year Anniverary Reflections

Jeff Severini Posted by Jeff Severini in Antlers Employees 1 min read

Posted: February 19, 2024

skiers making fresh tracks in blue sky basin

Looking back at my first year working at the Antlers, I’ve realized that it is everything I was looking for one year ago and more. There are several reasons why I love being a part of the Antlers team. The size and cohesiveness of the team makes it a very special place. For a relatively small team, there is no mountain too tall! Regardless of what improvements we are looking to make, or problems we are working to solve, everyone here is ready and eager to put their heads together and make things happen.

Jeff, Antlers at Vail assistant general manager, on Vail Mountain taking a ski break

The owners are another great aspect of the Antlers. This being my first exposure to a condominium rental business structure, it has been a pleasure to get to know our owners, see their involvement with their units, and their love for the Antlers and its long-standing impact on the community.

Out of all things I consider the culture of the Antlers team to be the most valuable. I can genuinely say that I am surrounded by people whose first priority is servicing our guests and owners while supporting each other in all ways possible through the process. The second priority being… Play! We as a team work hard, and we play hard. Whether it’s coming in early and staying late in order to squeeze in a few runs on chair 8 at lunch, or stepping into Gore Creek to do some fishing after a long workday, the work-life balance that we support at the Antlers is rare and extremely valuable. It’s the combination of these reasons that make me so proud to be a part of the Antlers family.