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Vail Jazz Leads to Home Away From Home

Antlers Staff Posted by Antlers Staff in Antlers Guest and Owners 2 min read

Posted: October 5, 2022

performers at vail jazz festival

Peter and Linda enjoying lunch at an outdoor deck in Vail.

We love our guests and we especially love when we get to know them better and better with each return visit. Peter & Linda Friedman have been visiting the Antlers at Vail over the past decade, for what has expanded to a four to five week visit each summer.

They were kind to sit down and talk to us about why they love the Antlers and keep returning.

Hailing from Arizona, the Friedmans originally came to Vail to experience the Vail Jazz Labor Day weekend. After a couple of years visiting just for the weekend, they were referred to the Antlers where they started to extend their stay. First their stay grew to two weeks. And, now they visit each summer for four to five weeks.

While they love the Antlers for the convenient location, great housekeeping and décor and furnishings, they say that’s not what makes the Antlers so special. It is the people who make the Antlers so special. They like seeing many of the same friendly personalities at the front desk each year. They feel like they really know the staff.

GM Magda King and engineer Dakota King were just two of the names that they rattled off when talking about the people.

In addition to housekeeping and the front desk, the Friedmans also appreciate the engineering team. If there is any concern of something not working properly in the condo, the immediate response is a perk. A much quicker and easier response than what they would have at home.

Peter relaxing on the deck of his home away from home.

You may be wondering what the Friedmans do for those four to five weeks during the summer. In addition to enjoying the Vail Jazz series spread throughout the summer and culminating with the Vail Jazz Party, they enjoy relaxing in the beautiful alpine environment. They walk the Gore Creek trail that runs along the river right behind the Antlers every day. In fact, one of the most memorable experiences was when Peter spotted a mamma and baby Moose. Linda was enjoying yoga and the pool. And, the entire class took a break to watch our local wildlife.

They really like that Vail is a walking village, and that they rarely need to take out their car. The free convenient bus system makes getting around so easy. They shop the farmers market every Sunday. And, snap up the Palisade Peaches when they come available. The large kitchen in their Antlers 2-bedroom condo makes cooking fun.

A couple of summers ago they rented a second condo and brought out their son and grandchildren. The grandkids just loved the pool and can’t wait to return.

Peter and Linda say that it is the people that make the Antlers special. They are talking about the staff. But we know that it is guests like the Friedmans that make this such a special place.