Hiking Mt Sherman 2011

Mt Sherman Hike (14,036′)
A decent short 14er for those who want to notch the first one on their belts. It takes about 4 hours to reach the top and return. The land may seem brown and lifeless compared to some other 14ers however; it is rich in mining history as can be seen from the scattered mining structures all around the area. This was one I could see from the ridgeline very near to the top of Sherman.

When my fellow Antlers employee Dan and I hiked it on June 27th, it still had snow fields to cross at the start of the hike. However, we got through easy enough without too much post holing (and a slight deviation from the trail that turned into a lot more work than expected… DANNNN). Still, the rest of the trail was clear and easy going once we started gaining elevation. The most exhilarating thing about this hike was the wind that day. Sherman is very very exposed so a windbreaker/rain jacket is a MUST or you will risk being exposed to the elements that make hiking very uncomfortable.

A little bit windy up there

Only 40 a minute drive away from the Antlers here in Vail it was definitely a great day hike and a good first 14er for any moderate hiker looking to reach the next level. Make sure to add to the wind walls when you reach the top and sign the registry!!!

After we added another foot or so it still wasn't very helpful

Midweek Visit to Vail Mountain

Since I had been feeling better  I took to the slopes February 2nd Tuesday morning. Wow, was I reminded of how great it is to be on Vail Mountain when there are no crowds! The Gondola, Game Creek, Chair 5, Chair 11 and Chair 4; no lines! It was heaven for those who have only hours before they have to work. My runs were in the glistening sun and as though I was all alone; it was one of my favorite days on the mountain. I hope your upcoming days here in Vail mirror my Tuesday morning and if you haven’t booked your accommodations here at the Antlers at Vail, well we’re here waiting 🙂

Going up Game Creek Express

Going up Game Creek Express

Taking in the sights on Lion's Way

Taking in the sights on Lion's Way

Happy, happy, happy

Happy, happy, happy

~ Aisha

What’s new at the Antlers?

Antlers Yoga Instructor

For some people, it’s easy to say, “We are great, we do such a good job; we are the best!”  It is hard to accept when we do something wrong or to acknowledge mistakes that we have made in the past (or we are still doing now).

For the Antlers neither case applies… We are a team of people who really are customer service oriented and we feel humbly proud that people notice it. Many guests have said to us that one of the reasons they come once, again, and again is because they feel at home with the warmth of kind people who make it possible for their stay to be relaxed, happy, and seamless. This is not just coincidence.

There is a team wondering before you arrive, “What can we do to make our guests’ stay the best experience ever?  In these meetings, we found some answers that we hope you enjoy:

Complimentary Yoga Classes– What a great way to finish a day of skiing! You don’t have to be an expert or practice it regularly.  We want to offer you the opportunity to relax, stretch, and enjoy it with other guests. A quiet time where you find yourself stress free and ready for the next ski day.  Again, these classes are free for our guests and are held every Tuesday and Thursday in our conference space.  Tracy Long, an experienced instructor, will walk you through the ancient practice of meditation to the best practices of yoga postures according with your experience.

Wine and Cheese Party- Every Monday during the winter you can join our General Manager to celebrate your stay with us. You and your family will be our special guest! We have light hors D’oeuvres and a very good wine selection for you to enjoy.

Cooking Classes- If you come to Vail, and would like to do something else besides skiing we have an option for you: Learn how to prepare a delicious yet simple menu that will make you look great in front of your friends and family.  These classes are being scheduled now.  As soon as we have the calendar, you will know about it.

Movie night- When we have lots of families in house, we plan a movie night for everyone to enjoy.  Again, this event is complimentary for our guests. It is a fun experience to do something with your children and interact with other guests.

Are we doing a good job or our ideas are wrong? We don’t know that yet but we do know that we are doing our best to make your stay wonderful, and that makes us happy. We know that we can do more, but… one step at the time. Please, always feel free to give us any feedback or suggestions.  We are here for you.  Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to serve you!

Vail snowmobile conditions Dec 30

It has been snowing quite a bit today!   Instead of skiing some of us went snowmobiling up by Piney Lake.  Check out Piney River Adventures if you need a snowmobile tour.  They pick you up right at the Antlers Vail Hotel and zip you quickly up to their staging area on Red Sandstone Road.  They have 2, 3, 4 hour tours and who knows what else.   You can get your own snowmobile or have two people riding just one.  I recommend that you get your own and also purchase the insurance for when you crash it.   Chris R.

123009 RW4

Mariella is a little stuck with her snowmobile.