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Magdalena King

General Manager
general manager magda king hiking with her family

Magdalena is originally from Guayaquil, Ecuador. She feels that she grew up with the absolute most beautiful family in the entire world: Her parents (Carlos and Anita) are the very best example of love and hard work. Her 4 siblings (Ana Rosa, Cristina, Rosa Emilia and Carlos) are her best friends. They are funny, smart, and always challenge her to be better. Since she was little she dreamed of travelling: travelling around Ecuador, in South America, and the world! This is why she learned about other cultures and languages. Her passport has many stamps.

She is a wife, a mom, a daughter, a sister, a boss that is passionate about helping others, about learning, and embracing new challenges. She never takes herself too seriously. (She does take others and her job seriously in case you wonder).

Magda feels that life has given her so much that she can only give kindness back to everybody. She is a person full of gratitude.

Hometown? Guayaquil – Ecuador

What’s your favorite memory?
I love every New Year in Ecuador. In my country we celebrate the New Year Holiday with so many traditions… I miss our rituals.

True confession?
When I came to Colorado, I didn’t know anything about it. I hadn’t even seen a picture of it! I didn’t know what to expect…. You might wonder then why I came here? Well, I followed love…. My husband Tony was working in Avon, so I decided to relocate from Switzerland to here. But I fell in love with Colorado right away…. The mountains, the community, the outdoor life, everything was great! Our three children were born in Vail, and we bought our home in the valley. The experience has been super! Tony and I have a multicultural marriage. It is not the perfect marriage (we don’t even understand our language sometimes!) but it is always fun.

Tell us a “mom super power” you own?
I can carry three kids at the same time, and still manage to open our house door!!!