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Liana Moore

Director of Marketing
Antlers director of marketing, Liana, with her family in Norway

Liana joined the Antlers at Vail in March of 2013 as the Director of Marketing. In 2001 Liana made the Vail Valley her forever home and took on the job of heading up marketing and PR for Bravo! Vail which somehow led her to VP of Account Services at an ad agency specializing in real estate development, a couple of years running her own marketing consulting gig and then stepping in as interim Executive Director at a small non-profit on whose board she served. After interim turned to 3 years at the Vail Symposium she headed back to her marketing roots to fill a hole at the Antlers at Vail. Liana’s passion is education. She enjoys volunteering for her childrens’ schools, and bringing inspiring Vail Symposium speakers into the local schools. Other hobbies include debating with a 10-year-old (and sometimes winning!) and trying new sports (like BMX) with a 14-year-old and publishing a blog on family travel. Liana also helps her husband with his window replacement business. She aspires to one day to find time to return to her hobby of climbing mountains.

Stavanger, Norway. Liana spent 1st through 10th grade in Stavanger, longer than anywhere she has lived other than Vail.

If you had a superpower, what would it be?
The ability to teleport myself and others between locations as well as time. I’d use it to give my kids the same cultural experiences I was able to have while still living our life here in beautiful Vail, Colorado. And, maybe I’d also use it to save the world.