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Gabe Kossman

Front Office Manager
Front office manager, Gabe Kossman, all dressed up

Gabe has lived in Vail for 9 years and has worked at the Antlers for several years. He has a degree in Psychology from Mississippi State University and a degree in Sustainability from Colorado Mountain College. He loves to ski and hike.

Where is your hometown?

Cleveland, Mississippi


If you had a superpower, what would it be?



Favorite vacation?

10 years ago I went backpacking in Nepal for 1 month.


Favorite spot in Colorado and why?

Knee-knocker pass.  It’s a fun and challenging hike and most of the time you won’t see another person on the trail.


What is your favorite memory?

Adopting my dog, Nyx.


What historical figure would you most like to have met?

Teddy Roosevelt