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Mud Season At the Antlers

Antlers Staff Posted by Antlers Staff in Antlers at Vail News 3 min read

Posted: May 23, 2023

2022-2023 was an epic winter season filled with more snow and fresh powder than people have seen in years. The non-stop snow led to a constant air of excitement around town, and the Antlers staff worked hard to ensure guests had the best ski vacation possible. But after so much snow even our staff who thrives in the winter is craving sunnier weather and slower days.

For those who are ready to swim in warm water, the beach is the only place to go. Ramon Torres, head of maintenance, will be heading to the Florida Keys with his family for some much needed relaxation.

Ramon with his son and family in Florida.

Ramon with his son and family hanging in Florida. “We call ourselves the Cuban Mafia and love to have a good time.

Juana Amaya, Assistant Executive Housekeeper, will be visiting her mom in Honduras. “I need to go swimming in the ocean and be in the sun. It is amazing what the ocean can do to heal your body” she explains.

Juana relaxing on the cocount trees at Tela Beach, Honduras

Juana relaxing on the coconut trees at Tela Beach, Honduras

Others that will be going international include Juan Fregoso, part of the maintenance team. Juan enthusiastically shares that he is “changing from winter to summer in one trip. Going to Punta Cana with my wife and son and getting a new stamp on my passport!”

The staff member going the farthest is Liana Moore, Director of Marketing. Liana manages her own family travel website and is part of the Society of Travel Writers (SATW).  She was selected as one of a dozen council members to travel to Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Liana explains “This group of writers will experience the country’s unique culture, landscape and food and create and share stories along the way. I am so excited to experience this melting pot of nomadic Khazak and Russian cultures.” We at the Antlers are thrilled for Liana that she was selected for this trip of a lifetime and look forward to hearing more about her travels upon her return!

For those who aren’t able to go on an exciting adventure to Kazakhstan, there is still so much to enjoy locally.

Jeff Severini, Assistant General Manager, is looking forward to fishing in Gore Creek and relaxing in the sun. Jen Natbony at the front desk stayed a few miles down the road at the Minturn Inn and had a blast walking around main street. Elena Fundureanu, staff accountant, is happy to be spending time with her kids during their late spring break.

Alondra Trevizo, a long time employee of the Antlers, goes every May to the Great Sand Dunes National Park with her family. The park is home to the tallest sand dunes in North America and has been featured in a variety of films and documentaries.

“We bring the dogs and chill and have fun being outside.” This year Alondra also explored Zapata Falls, which is thirty minutes from the dunes. “It was so cool seeing the falls frozen and walking through. Highly recommend.”

Hiro napping on the warm sand after playing in the water for hours.

Hiro, Alondra’s dog, napping on the warm sand after playing in the water for hours.

Gabe Kossman, Front Desk Manager, recently went to the sand dunes as well. “My friend who moved away to Denver has come back the last two years just to make it to this special place. I think I am turning this into a yearly tradition with him! ”


Gabe with his feet in the sand with his dog, Nyx

Gabe with his feet in the sand with his dog, Nyx

Moab, home of the famous Arches National Park, is a really popular getaway for those ready to rough it camping. Lake Powell and Goblin Valley State Park are some other spots that are an easy and beautiful drive to get to from Vail.

Several people from our staff have already made it a point to get to these destinations before summer temperatures rise. “I just love going off grid and finding a camp site far down a dirt road away from everything” explains Dakota King, supervisor of the maintenance team. “I can’t wait to wear shorts after wearing the same winter clothes for so long.”

Dakota setting up camp at Lone Rock Beach.

Dakota setting up camp at Lone Rock Beach.

Then, of course, we still have staff who will die hard skiers. Chris Manning, our Controller, spends his spring season skiing until the very last day possible. “Ski Cooper has an old picnic table I love to enjoy after hiking to the top. I also love to skin up Vail Mountain and ride my bike around town.”

As the snow melts and the mountains to turn green, our staff is enjoying being able to take some time off and unwind in all different ways.

Flowers beginning to bloom in the Antlers courtyard. Summer is close!

Flowers beginning to bloom in the Antlers courtyard. Summer is close!