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Lodging Quality Assurance (LQA) ratings occur in each unit every 18 months to 2 years. During the time between inspections, two complimentary re-ratings are offered for units who have completed repairs, remodels, and décor updates. As the new LQA point person for the Antlers, I look forward to familiarizing myself with the most recent inspection report for each unit and to brainstorming with each of you about how to make changes and improvements that may boost your rating. Just as a bit of background, I have lived in Vail for 26 years and have worked in hospitality for that entire time. I have many different contacts with vendors and service providers and am thrilled that I will have a great opportunity here at the Antlers to offer several options to all of you based upon my experience. I also am developing new relationships with some of our Antlers preferred providers and am very impressed with their expertise. Next time you are at the Antlers, I would love to meet with you to learn about the things in your unit that you love, those that you would like to change, and to review your most recent report for any recommendations from the inspector. Thinking toward the next rating cycle, 42 units are scheduled for rating in the fall of 2017. We will soon let you know if you are one of the units scheduled for 2017. Our construction team is already fully scheduled for next spring, so any owner who might want to consider remodeling or renovation prior to the fall rating should coordinate with us as soon as possible. As always, we are here to offer you support, recommendations, and construction management services.  – Kim Rediker, Assistant General Manager