Dinner and a Show at Sushi Oka in Vail Village

I had friends in town last night so we decided to go out for dinner, with the all the restaurants in Vail it can be overwhelming at times trying to decide where to go. For us though any where would be fantastic since we come from a small town where majority of the restaurant choices involve order by number meal deals, and drive through windows. Even though I have lived here for over 12 years it’s still nice to have a variety of places to choose from.  I thought it would be a nice change of pace for all of us to go to Sushi Oka in Vail Village. It’s a Japanese restaurant with Hibachi tables and also a sushi bar. We chose to sit at one of the hibachi tables which is always fun. Our chef was very entertaining

The onion volcano is always a crowd pleaser!

Overall we had a good time, the food was good and we did get there early so we beat the crowds and didn’t have to have a reservation, which is always a huge plus!

The 10th

Vail Mountain is opening a new restaurant this season on December 1 called The 10th named in honor of the 10th Mountain division. The restaurant is located at mid-Vail, some of us at the Antlers were lucky enough to be invited to their soft opening to try out the food,  see the new building and all the amenities they have to offer. The menu has a great selection and I was surprised that the prices weren’t as high as I was expecting.

Janet and Tyler enjoying lunch at The 10th

I think the consensus in our group was that the best part is the slippers provided so that guest can be completely comfortable while they dine. The 10th is a full service restaurant where guests can have a nice sit down lunch complete with a server and all. It is a nice alternative to the busy cafeteria style restaurants through out the mountain.

Bar seating area at The 10th

I have to admit my favorite part (I know it’s weird) is that the bathroom door handles glow red when they are occupied!

They do recommend reservations, something that will take some getting use to for most everyone. But, you can do it through opentable.com, so that is handy!


Montauk Seafood Grill

Ask any Antlers employee where they go for seafood and chances are they will say Montauk. With fresh fish and seafood flown in daily Montauk Seafood Grill is the perfect restaurant if you have a hankering for some coastal fare while land locked in the mountains. Located in Lionshead Village, just steps from the Antlers, it is an ideal location for guests not wanting to venture too far from their condo. While Montauk specializes in seafood they also have a variety of steaks and an ever-changing grill list.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   A few of my menu favorites are the malpeque oysters on the half shell,

Crispy Calamari

Rhode Island calamari with basil aioli & tomato caper dipping sauces, Hawaiian ahi tuna, and the herb crusted halibut. Other Antlers favorites include the lobster mac and cheese with mascarpone and aged white cheddar and chives, Alaskan king crab legs and the specialty cocktails.

Here are some of our Montauk pictures taken over the last few months

Former employee Rob Gray ready to chow down on some crab

Ratz, Darci, Sara, Joe, Amy, Mark and Tyler

Oyster Shooters......Bottoms up!

Amy is really excited to eat!

The French Deli (Les Delices De France)

As the leaves change and fall off the trees many of the restaurants in Vail close their doors until winter. You can rely on the French Deli in Lionshead Village to stay open. With a simple menu consisting mainly of made to order sandwiches they also have breakfast items as well as home made soups and quiches. Located just steps from the gondola the French Deli is the perfect place to get an espresso and egg sandwich before hitting the slopes or warm up with a cup of hot soup and some fresh, French bread.

French Deli

Prosciutto and Gorgonzola Cheese Sandwich

Chicken Curry Soup and French Bread

Bacon, egg and cheese sandwich

Brie cheese wheel and fruit

Sorry for the picture quality. They were taken with my phone.

~ Darci

Terra Bistro Appy Hour

Last week some friends and I went to Terra Bistro for their “Appy Hour” . You may think I’ve left out the “H” but that is not the case. Appy Hour is like a traditional happy hour but with better food. It is daily from 5 – 6pm in the bar area of the restaurant. Terra Bistro is located in Vail Village, just a short distance from the Antlers at Vail condos. They have a large, creative menu of appetizers and drinks. Appetizers priced from $5, mixed drinks from $4, and specialty cocktails from $6. It was the perfect place to go before we headed over to the Ford Amphitheater to see the  Vail International Dance Festival. We didn’t sample everything on the menu but here are a few of the apps we tried. (We polished off the truffle pizza and mussels before we could take a picture.)

Sweet Potato Ravioli

Tequila Chicken Tamale

Inside Out Spicy Tuna Roll & Peach Infused Vodka Soda

~ Darci

New Coffee service Vail

Vail’s newest coffee service is now available at the Antlers at Vail lobby.  This is special folks.  No more waiting for another batch of brew.  These gigantic air pots hold gallons upon gallons of hot, tasty coffee.  Stop on down for a “pick me up” at any time.

We like the Organic Uganda description:  “A very pleasing light roast coffee with spicy hints of hutmeg and cinnamon with a woody undertone and a smooth chocolate finish”.   Wow!

Who'da thunkit?

I had the best meal I’ve ever had in Vail tonight.Where? Kelly Liken? Sweet Basil? Larkspur? Those are the best and it could have been any of them, but it wasn’t … it was next door at the MARRIOTT! You gotta be kiddin’ me … Nope. Chef Mercer put on a show like you wouldn’t believe. The lineup was thus:Brie soup with truffle oil … puts the “rich” in richie rich. Paired with the ZMor Gewurztraminer (thanks chef) it was a total tounguegasm.An awesome tomato soup with marshmallows … don’t knock it till you’ve tried it … trust me, you’ll be back for more.Oysters Rockefeller … Chef says, “you probably haven’t had these in about 100 years.” He was right, but I promise it won’t be two weeks before we’re doin’ that again … Evelyn and I practically came to blows over the last one.White Pizza … more truffle oil (can’t GET too much of that stuff), some fun crispy greens (arugula maybe?) and about a dozen other wonderful flavors on top of a crispy crisp.At this point we’re already saying, “it’s too good not too finish, but we know there’s lots more coming.”Next … a sea bass to die for with some kind of super light, crispy coating … in lobster sauce!Then came the single best lamb chop I have ever had. Period. I’m 52. I LOVE lamb. I eat it a LOT. This was the pinnacle … and by more than a small margin.Ok, I think I can force down some of this seared tuna, wrapped around a super thin daikon radish and rolled in a tempura kind of coating. Take me now lord … it can’t get any better than this. But wait … it does …A dessert medley with a cinnamon phyllo apple wrap thing paired with an eiswine (sp?) that’s just too good to be true. Next to that was a soft, warm sinful chocolate cookie and vanilla ice cream, accompanied by some Baileys concoction that they ought to require a pilot’s license to drive.Unbelievable. All of it was just unbelievable. Too good to be true. Any one of those courses was as good as it gets. All together? I gotta be dreaming.If I live another 52, I hope someday I have another meal as good as that one at Ocotillo. I also hope I can return the favor to Mercer sometime, but it ain’t gonna be easy.Rob


Yesterday Darci, Randi, Crissy, Eric, Kristen and I all went to the new Vail Chophouse for lunch. It was their “soft” opening … invited neighbors and friends only … just to help them work out the kinks. We were excited for a free lunch, but we really got wound up when we arrived and our super cute, South African server Karen said, “We want you to order as much as possible … soup, salad, appetizer, entree AND dessert”. Look out. We waddled home two hours later.As awesome as the lunch was, the buzz in the place (and outside) was even better. I sat down with owner Brian Nolan, Vail Jazz Foundation exec dir Mia Vlaar and PR guru Pat Peeples for a few minutes and everyone was practically giddy with the excitement of the Arrabelle opening. I’ve got to admit, after four years of talking about how great it’s going to be … it is pretty incredible.Rob

Timber Hearth Grille

Tuesday night was the annual concierge function at the Timber Hearth Grille at Cordillera. Crissy, Darci and I went and a good time was had by all. When we arrived we decided to go outside first since we were all still bundled up. On the terrace outside the dining room, there were benches surrounding a wood burning outdoor fire pit to warm us while we waited for the sleigh to come back around to give us a ride. We took a horse drawn tour of the golf course which they use as their Nordic Center in the winter, pulled by Charlie and Jacob of Bearcat Stables. Afterward, we posed for a picture with them and then went inside for dinner. There were three stations set up throughout the dining room. One with penne, prosciutto and black truffle carbonara and pulled rabbit meat. The second was a lamb carving station which was delicious, and the third was dessert with pecan tarts, carrot cake petit fours and coffee. As we sat and ate, waiters continually came by with trays of passed hors d’oeuvres and by the end of the evening the three of us were very full. A big Thank You to Timber Hearth Grille and Bearcat Stables!