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Bowling with the Governor

Antlers Staff Posted by Antlers Staff in Antlers Connections 2 min read

Posted: January 18, 2013

Not too long ago my friend Jenn Bruno, who along with her husband owns one of the nicest stores in Vail, Due Luca Bruno, told me that she was helping the Red Sandstone Elementary School with a fundraiser to hire a librarian (what an admirable goal).  She proceeded to tell me that the fundraiser was similar to the Mask Project, only it would be bowling pins that would be auctioned off.  Fun!  Then she said that Elaine Kelton told her I knew Governor Hickenlooper and asked if I could get him to sign a bowling pin.

Whoops … who said I knew the Governor?!  I’ve MET the Governor.  It would be a stretch to say that I KNOW him.  I guarantee you that the Governor doesn’t KNOW me.  Oh well, what the heck … I’ll try.

I called my friend Trisha Smith at CACI (who KNOWS people in the Governor’s office) and asked for her help.  True to form, she said that she’d try … bring her the bowling pin.   When I told Jenn that we’d do our best,  she asked if he would decorate the pin as well as sign it.

Uh, no … the Gov may SIGN the pin, he isn’t decorating anything.  He’s kinda busy.  After a little further discussion though, Trish suggested having someone paint the Capitol Building on the pin.  After all, it’s shaped a little like a bowling pin.  I passed that idea on to Jenn, and she loved it.  A week later she dropped off a fabulously decorated bowling pin, complete with the Gold Dome.


The fundraiser is February 1, so now we’re running out of time.  Fortunately, yesterday was the annual CACI Business Day at the Capitol and guess who was the keynote speaker?  How convenient.  As he approached the head table I cornered him and said, “Governor, I’ve got a crazy favor to ask … would you sign this bowling pin for an elementary school fundraiser?”  Being the affable guy that he is, the response was predictable … “Sure I will, got a pen?”

Larry Laszlo, one of the best photographers in Denver, was nice enough to send me these pictures.

For what it’s worth, the Governor’s subsequent talk and response to the Q&A cemented my admiration for him.  I can’t tell you how lucky I think we are in Colorado to have Governor Hickenlooper and his team running this state.

And I’d say that even if he hadn’t signed the bowling pin.