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Ownership Opportunities

Typically, two or three Antlers condominiums (out of ninety) change hands each year.  However, the last fifteen months have been a very active time, with many more sales than any timeframe in recent history.  There are currently no units on the market.  That hasn’t happened in many years.

Antlers At Vail Real Estate, LLC acts as an in-house real estate brokerage specializing exclusively in the listing and sales of Antlers condominiums.  There is absolutely no obligation for an owner to list their unit with AAVRE (although the vast majority of them do).  Likewise, AAVRE cooperates with every other brokerage in town and buyers are always welcome to work with the Realtor of their choice.



Unit Size Approx.Square Footage Price
416 Two-bedroom, two bath 1,010 SOLD for $1,677,500 – 6/30/21
706 Three-bedroom, two bath 1,274 SOLD for $1,995,000 – 1/29/21
602 One-bedroom, one bath 685 SOLD for $998,500 – 12/3/20
501 Two-bedroom, two bath 900 SOLD for $1,610,000 – 1/15/21
621 Four-bedroom, four and a half bath 1,776 SOLD for $2,950,000 – 8/28/20

Click on any unit number to see photos / tour. Prices are subject to change at any time and without notice.

When it comes to upgrading and improving the condominium property, the Antlers ownership, along with the Board of Directors, has always been more proactive than almost any of our competition.  That was evidenced a number of years ago with a massive $22 million renovation, and has continued over the years with smaller, but still significant improvements. The ownership will always take pride in being the first property to complete major redevelopment under the Lionshead Masterplan. More proof of that is the massive capital improvement project which started in April, 2019. Members of our Antlers family have come to rely on the continuing operational excellence to solidify the reputation of the Antlers, Lionshead and the Vail Valley as a world class destination resort.

When constructed in 1972, the Antlers was one of a handful of buildings in the fledgling Lionshead neighborhood. Our condominium association was founded on what was then a relatively novel concept – renting units when not in use by the owners to offset mortgage costs and help pay for improvements, maintenance and expansion. From humble beginnings of about $50,000 annually, our owner-rental program now grosses well over $6 million a year.

Individual homeowners receive up to 64% of the money realized by renting their unit, typically 170 to 200 nights per year. Prior to other expenses, that alone nets roughly $36,000 for the nicer one-bedroom condominiums, and as much as $60,000 to owners of two-bedroom units. By contrast, most rental-management companies in Vail retain 40-45% – with many keeping 50% or more. Because the Antlers rental program is so successful and significantly reduces owners’ expenses, 86 of our 90 units currently participate.  The management of every other condominium building in Vail is incredibly jealous of that ratio.

The Antlers has joined enthusiastically in Vail Valley community efforts to encourage summer and off-season business – by tailoring our promotional efforts to support the public strategies, and by making improvements to our meeting facilities and overall physical plant to appeal to a broader cross-section of prospective visitors. We also direct a portion of our aggressive marketing program toward group business. Ryan Kelsey and Gabe Kossman make up the Group Services department in that effort.

Regular assessments (condominium dues) are based on square footage. Typical monthly dues (including a dedicated capital improvement and reserve allocation) are currently:

1 Bedroom – $718    2 Bedroom – $1,147    3 Bedroom – $1,362    4 Bedroom – $2,006

Assessments for the units built in 2002 are slightly higher per square foot, because they include heat and hot water. Those costs are paid separately by owners of the original units. Dues are evaluated each year, based on the budget which would be necessary to operate the property if none of the owners rented their units.  That means rental commissions are devoted solely to operation of the rental program (reservations, housekeeping, rental supplies, etc.)

Because the Homeowners Association assumes management responsibility for the Antlers rental program, condominium owners gain significant advantages:

  • First and foremost, no “profit” is taken out of the building. Any revenue over expenses is used 100% for the owners’ benefit. Naturally, any outside “for-profit” management company must build their compensation into the management fees. That’s a large part of why the Antlers’ 36% rental commission for platinum rated units is the lowest in Vail.
  • Another plus is the attitude toward the owner usage. An outside management company realizes no income when owners stay in their own unit. because of that, owner usage can actually be discouraged sometimes. Antlers rentals, however, are structured as a break-even proposition, which means Antlers owners are encouraged to use their unit, for themselves, for family and friends. This philosophy makes the Antlers unique, embodying the joy of ownership and the pride of letting friends and business associates use your second home.
  • Most rental properties charge owners handsomely for housekeeping. The Antlers approach has always been to provide the same high level of service to owners, owners’ guests, and paying guests alike – and this is accomplished through a modest, one-time checkout fee of $29-59 for owners stays. Additionally, spring- and fall-cleaning costs are subsidized for owners participating in the rental program. Not many properties can match that.
  • Likewise, freedom from maintenance hassles is a big plus for Antlers homeowners. Rather than nickel-and-dime charges for every burned-out light bulb or leaky faucet, routine items under $50 are covered through the 36% rental commission. After all, we figure our owners come to the Vail Valley for rest and relaxation… not to catch up on a pile of repair invoices.

Bottom line, the Antlers at Vail is a keenly managed property. Sure, we try to maximize revenue – it’s in the interest of our individual owners to ensure the property remains a sound investment. But that interest is always tempered by our respect for your ability to enjoy your second home.

It’s a delight to work in a place where common sense rules. We work hard to make sure it’s an equal pleasure to own a common sense condominium managed with your interests at heart.

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All of these figures are based loosely on the past history of Antlers rentals.  They assume about three weeks of owner usage per year.  There is absolutely no guarantee that future operations will be similar to past performance

No financial decisions should be made on the basis of these figures.

One Bedroom           680 sq ft              (original unit) Two Bedroom    1,010 sq ft              (new unit) Three Bedroom         1,274 sq ft          (original unit) Four Bedroom      1,840 sq ft                (new unit)
Gross Annual Rental Revenue $56,000 $90,000 $105,000 $150,000
Regular Assessments (dues) * $8,615 $13,761 $16,344 $24,074
Rental Commission (36% of rev.) $20,160 $32,400 $37,800 $54,000
Travel Agent Commission $1,000 $1,600 $2,000 $2,500
Maid Fees (owners & friends) $87 $117 $147 $177
Property Taxes $2,835 $4,148 $5,789 $7,392
Personal Property Insurance $300 $350 $400 $450
Electric Expense * $1,100 $400 $1,750 $500
Misc. Unit Maintenance $1,000 $1,400 $1,600 $2,100
Total Annual Expenses $35,097 $54,176 $65,480 $91,193
Net Proceeds $20,903 $35,824 $39,520 $58,807

* – General Assessments (condo fees) for the new units include the cost of gas for heat and domestic hot water.  The original units have electric heat and are individually metered, so the assessments for those units do not include heat or hot water.  With that exception, all common costs are allocated on a strict, square footage basis.

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Legally there were 97 Antlers condominiums, but in four cases, 2 units have been combined to form one, so functionally there are only 93 units. The Association owns two of them (101 & 102), which are used for employee housing.  The other 7 employee apartments are owned as common element and are not legally separate units. So for all practical purposes, there are 91 individually owned units.

Of those 91 units, 88 of them are actively in the rental program.  That’s a much higher percentage than most other condominium properties in Vail, which speaks to the Antlers culture and sensitivity to owners’ needs.  While trying to maximize revenue, we would never want to let a rental get in the way of an owner enjoying their second home, whether it’s for themselves, their family or friends.

25 of the owners (28%) are permanent residents of Colorado.  The residency of all 90 condominiums pretty closely mirrors the origin of our guests. This is the number of owners who reside in each of these states:

State # of Owners Percentage
CO 24 28%
IL 12 13%
FL 8 9%
CA 6 7%
NY 4 4%
TX 4 4%
MA 4 4%
PA 3 3%
VA  3  3%

No other state is home to more than three Antlers owners.  Our only international owner at the moment is from Mexico.  In the past we’ve had a couple Canadien owners, as well as some folks from Hong Kong.

Of the 91 units in the building, 72 of the owners bought their unit more than ten years ago. 39 of those have owned for more than twenty years and 23 for more than thirty years.  There are still 4 “charter” owners who bought their condominium in 1973 when the Antlers was first built.

Since 2003 there have been 38 condominium sales, or an average of two or three a year.  That pace has generally held pretty steady throughout the 47 year history of the Antlers.

The ownership of nine condominiums has passed from parents to children. We love it when that happens … it perpetuates our familial culture and sends a good message.  There are at least a dozen more who have suggested they see the same thing in their future.

Most importantly, putting the demographics aside, there’s little doubt that the collective Antlers ownership is the most progressive, thoughtful and supportive group of owners to be found anywhere in the Vail Valley.

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