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students on a shoulder to shoulder project

Students Shoulder to Shoulder

Students Shoulder to Shoulder’s (SStS) mission is to inspire high school students to engage in responsible global citizenship through on-line study, full immersion service programs, and public presentation.

Imagine the learning that occurs for an SStS student when rebuilding a home in NOLA’s 9th Ward, working side-by-side with the owner of that home – years after Katrina! Imagine, too, having an audience with the founder of a series of children’s homes in Kenya: the chance to learn how education can help children orphaned by AIDS to take ownership of their own nation’s development toward economic independence. Issues of housing, education, health, and fresh water are inextricably intertwined with development, stability, and independence.

SStS programs explore these issues through the lenses of politics, economics, culture, ethics, and geography. What variables are particular to the area, region, or nation? What variables are universal? These are the types of inquiries that shape an SStS experience.

Each fall the Antlers at Vail hotel is happy to be able to host SStS non-profit leaders, SStS  students, global liaisons, and course instructors from the Global Schools Coalition at the Global Solutions Forum held in Vail, Colorado. We love partnering with worthy organizations of all sizes and missions and SStS is one that really makes us feel good.