Vail’s Newest, Hottest Song

My golfing buddy Allan Finney who plays the drums (among other things) with our friend and jazz great Tony Gulizia, sent me this new tune yesterday about local legend Lindsey Vonn.  Allan’s wife, Nancy Gage, wrote the lyrics. It’s gonna be HUGE, but you heard it here first!

Alan Finney

This is the same little ditty with Allan on the vocals instead of Tony (it takes a few seconds to load).

Here are the boys with Kathy Morrow in December on local channel  TV8.

Tony, Alan & Kathy on TV8
Tony, Kathy and Alan on TV8

Kathy played last year at the Learning Palooza of the Vail Symposium (for which the Antlers is the Official Hotel).  Each of these great musicians play all over town … together and separately.  You should come check them out.

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  1. That’s a great video, and Vail’s Lindsey is definitely a champ (not to mention SportsWoman of the Year)! Thanks for sharing.

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