Vail sun and snow

January 16th, our January thaw is here. While the mid-west and east-coast are experiencing some record lows, here in Vail Colorado we have temps in the upper 30s. It feels like Spring almost. A couple came in from Chicago today and they said it was 20 degrees below zero when they left and it felt like arriving in Hawaii when they came to Vail. Beautiful blue bird without a cloud in the sky, while skiing up on the hill. The Vail Snow is excellent! Picture below was taken around 1:30pm on Ricky’s Ridge in the Back Bowls from a camera phone. The weather is supposed to stay like this through Tuesday of next week. Take advantage of it while you can, because it won’t last. And be warned, early in the morning it might be a little crispy as the soft snow freezes each night. But by noon each day this weekend, the snow should be softened up. Chris R.

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