Vail snow report and vail ski conditions Feb 16

Another 5 inches of snow today.  It is soooooo soft out there.  Still snowing lightly although they are calling for clearing skies by this afternoon.  Another storm predicted Wednesday night.  Now, you have all probably heard that parts of Colorado are a bit below average for snow this season.  And yes, this includes Vail at the moment.  If you are driving up from Denver, it can be very scary.  We made the trip from Denver early this morning (but still got on the lifts by 11:45).  There isn’t much snow along the road until you get to the top of Vail Pass.  Even near Copper mountain there wasn’t much there.  Thankfully the Vail Valley has been blessed as we seem to be getting the majority of the snow out of these recent systems.   So far this season Vail has had 172 inches.  Keystone 92 inches. Go figure.

Pictures from today (Tuesday) around 1pm

Game Creek Bowl

Chair 2 Vail

Sort of boring pictures but I was skiing by myself

Chair 3 Vail

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  1. Definitely not boring! Cool!!! I’m jealous two of my boys will be there Wednesday! I’ll be granddog sitting. It hasn’t looked much different this year in the Midwest. Snow still on the ground since Christmas! Not enough to ski but the local ski area “hill” is beaming with the weather! Thank you for the beautiful pictures!

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