Vail snow report

Vail snow reportDecember 18 Snowing outside again this morning. 37 inches last 7 days. 112 inches so far this season. This is a rest day for many of us as we are wiped out tired.December 17 Powder day, no time to do ski report. Out shoveling snow.December 16 Powder day, no time to do ski report. Gone skiing.December 15 Powder day with Blue Sky back open. Gone skiing.

December 14 A foot of snow reported in the a.m. and it snowed pretty good till Noon today. People were going crazy. Long lift lines in the morning but no one around in the afternoon. An avalanche apparently slid in Blue Sky Basin on Lovers leap and buried two people. They are alright. Not many more details than that. They closed Blue Sky Basin the rest of the day because of the slide. Other than that, the skiing was GREAT! We did a number of laps in China Bowl and Sun Up Bowl. If you can’t ski powder, your legs would hurt today. It was cold. Lots of breaks inside for warming up. I took a couple of pictures from my camera phone. Too cold to use the regular camera. Chris R.

Sun up bowl

SunDown bowl from the Chairlift (one cold ride today)December 13 6 inches of new snow today. We could not get up to ski ourselves but all the reports are positive! Light snow every so often during the day. It is warm out but they say the COLD weather is coming tonight with 12 inches of snow expected. Blue Sky Basin opened. No reports from anyone as of yet.December 12 Dark and cloudy outside. Snow on the radar to the west of Vail. Keep your fingers crossed! (later in day) it started snowing heavy in the afternoon. Bad skiing morning (icy), incredible skiing in the afternoon.December 11 There was plenty of sunshine with the opening of China Bowl today. I didn’t get back there as I only had an hour to ski. It is getting icy out there folks. Make sure you have your skis tuned up. Tommy over at Vail Ski Tech is a good one to get the boards freshed up. I did laps on Northwoods and Mountain Top express trying to practice some of the bumps as finally the moguls are forming up. There were some rocks showing through where the groomers were a bit aggressive. Snow on the way this coming weekend. Forecast is for 5-9 inches of snow Saturday night – Sunday. Then additional storms throughout next week. Chris R.December 10 Sort of weird day on the slopes. It was cold outside (19-23 degrees) but there was light drizzle on the mountain. It couldn’t turn to snow. When the drizzle touched the snow, it would turn to ice. This made for some slick trails. Then the sun finally comes out at the very end of the day. Chris R.

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