Vail ski conditions January 2009

January 4 New snow and sunny outside. They reported 7 inches of new snow here in Vail and 10 inches of new snow at Beaver Creek. However, it seemed more like 3-4 inches of new snow. It didn’t matter. The fresh snow helped freshen the slopes up. COLD, glad thing I waited until 1pm to start skiing. After more than 10 years of this, I have wised up and wear mittens instead of gloves. A puffy jacket doesn’t hurt either. Chris R.

Blue skies over Vail January 4th

January 2 We have received 162 inches of snow so far this ski season. Nothing the last 6 days, but don’t fret, the skiing is still great. We have had sunny days and the snow has softened up adequately each day. The lines have been a bit longer than I am used to. We think it might be the Epic Pass which is unrestricted over the holiday. This means there are plenty of locals up on the hill, where as in past years the locals had to stay home. Utilize the single lines. The bumps are forming nice and many of the guests here this week aren’t on the bump runs too much. Best snow can be found on the fringes of these trails. I haven’t been back to Blue Sky Basin for 2 weeks. I wonder how the snow is over there. Weather service is calling for 3-7 inches of snow tomorrow. We saw big clouds forming to the west this afternoon and the radar shows some light snow. Keep your fingers crossed. Chris R.

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  1. Hi Chris, Thanks for the updates on the snow conditions and other activities at Vail. Helps me feel as if I’m somewhat in touch with winter at Vail.jeff

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