Vail Ski Conditions February 2008

2/29/08 Spring skiing baby! Wow, it has been a great week. Powder on Monday night created powder conditions for both Tuesday and Wednesday. Sunshine and some spring warmth on Thursday on Friday. Lots of sunburn, be careful out there. We had a group (including Bob Grossman, owner of 208) that did the Minturn Mile on Wednesday. So crazy with all the snow. Everything was really covered so well. Rocks or stumps that we would usually jump off of (or avoid) we would just ski right over without realizing it. So much snow in Minturn we could still ski down the streets to the Saloon for beers. The sun has probably melted that off the last few days but they are predicting snow again for March 2nd!2/22/08 2 inches of fresh snow today. Vail reported that we are a record for snowfall from Dec 1st through Feb 22nd. Over 314 inches so far this season.2/21/08 Yep, we have been a bit lazy keeping up on the snow conditions lately. I’ll tell ya this much, we are finally seeing the SUN every now and then. Yipee! In the last 10 days we haven’t received a lot of new snow but the mountain is keeping up pretty good. Last weekend (Sunday) we had 3-5 inches up on the mountain. Overall, the top 1/2 of the mountain is great, the bottom half has had some freeze and thaw cycles so it is a bit icy down low unless you are on the groomed. Don’t worry about the snow base. There is PLENTY on the ground here in town. Weather predictions are for a bit of snow for the Northern mountains (that’s us) for Monday/Tuesday Chris R.2/8/08 Some of you might be wondering….”where are the snow updates”? Well, it seems like it has been non-stop this winter and we almost sound like a broken record with, “another powder day”. We had that drought in November, which made us all nervous. Channel 9 news out of Denver interviewed Rob (our General Manager) right before Thanksgiving due to the lack of snow and I remember Rob saying, “when we get a dry November we usually have an above average winter”. I can’t remember his exact words…. but when I heard that I was thinking, “yeah, RIGHT”. Well, here we are and it has certainly been an above average winter. Right now they have Interstate 70 closed in both directions from Georgtown to Avon. That’s about 60 miles of freeway. Nothing else to do, so I’m going skiing. Chris R.2/1/08 It just doesn’t end. Another powder day. 7-9 inches of super light snow and not too many people on the hill. Not as much snow in Game Creek bowl which was weird. I think there was maybe 10 inches outside the Antlers, then 6 inches up in Game Creek. I had to get off the mountain for work but I saw BERT FARIN heading to the Gondola with Randi and Rob. He was on those super thin Telli skis. 20 year old technology! I don’t know how he does it. Chris R. And oh how he does it … here’s a picture of Bert cutting it up on Jade Glade. A lot more snow there than there was in Game Creek, Ratz. This next picture of Randi was taken as she popped out of the woods at the bottom of Way Over Yonder. That was followed by some frivolity on the lift with Bert’s boda bag of lemoncelli (similar to limoncello, but not quite). What fun.RL

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