Vail paragliding

Vail Valley Paragliding took a few of us out paragliding this morning.  What a rush.  Bobby, one of the owners of Vail paragliding, is also a tile guy and quite often  helps the Antlers with unit remodels. He has been talking about his tandem license for awhile now and has been encouraging us to go.

It was a blast.  The flight lasts anywhere from 10-15 minutes, but could go more if the winds are right.  It runs $175 for a flight.  Check them out at or call them at 970-376-0495

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  1. Ohhh Man, that is way to cool. I’m going to consider doing it but I need to get over that 7th floor elevator height first. Those cars looked so dinky.

  2. WOW!!! Another “bucket list” item!!! I thought parasailing was cool, this was better!

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