I’m skiing with a friend and I really want to learn how to do the bumps. We’re getting off of Chair 11 and I say “lets just do Powerline on the way back. I can’t learn unless I start.” I began the run behind her and was distracted by at least 8 youngsters next to me getting a lesson from one of the blue coats. I fell at least once after not following a “line”. I realized there was no line, but continued to ski out of control anyway. When I finished the 300 yards or so and stopped next to my friend who kindly waited, she said “Look at that”.These 6 to 8 year olds are following each other and coming down like troopers. The instructor was yelling up the hill ‘You’re doing great. Keep it up”. We were looking up and saw a bunch of kids falling behind moguls and and getting up, one at a time , four at a time, three at a time. Their little heads would disappear behind the snow and then reappear. It looked like a bunch of colorful bobble head dolls on skis. They gathered around the instructor at the bottom and they all had smiles on their red little faces. I heard one say “lets do that again.”If skiing can be “cute”, we witnessed it.We continued down back to Lionhead on steep, groomed runs, and for ten minutes I felt like a kid again. The future is looking good on Powerline and I have a feeling they will be doing the bumps before I am.Greg Z

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