The View From The Sidelines

While Chris has been busy enjoying and reporting on the snow that we’ve finally been getting, I’ve been laid up with a bum knee. So when I haven’t been locking up the Antlers at night, I’ve been (im)patiently passing the time and healing by watching a number of ski movies. For all those who want to slide on snow but can’t, I offer you Gray’s ski and snowboard movie reviews:

That’s It, That’s All
If you haven’t seen last year’s it movie, you’re missing out. While it’s basically a 2 hour celebratory biography of Travis Rice, its positively packed with awesome cinematography and very progressive riding.

I have to include a plug for some friends and fellow Colorado College alums. This is a flick for all the freeheelers, snurfers, no-boarders, and granola-eating people out there who prefer to earn their turns. Shot entirely in Hokkaido, Japan last winter, it features as little man-made features as possible and some of the most beautiful shots ever captured on film or Hi-Def digital video. Find them at: Sweetgrass Productions

Anything Warren Miller
You know, I don’t think much of Johnny Moseley, and Warren’s getting up there in years, but you still can’t wrong with any of the classics. In that vein…

Blizzard of Aahhh’s
The original. And lastly,

Nimbus Independent Webisodes
Ostensibly independent, in spite of partnerships with K2 skis and Poor Boyz Productions, Nimbus features 5 guys breaking off and documenting everything about skiing, showing not only the perfect hits and lines, but also the travels, missteps, and struggles. The sheer amount of free, HD content available is impressive; The hours of streaming and downloadable travelogues, makings of, and quality skiing miking this my preferred source of ski movies. By showing the complete story of every trip, these clips make me long for flat tires, missing gear, wrong turns, and crappy snow conditions as well as powder days and jump lines. Check them out at

I hope that tides you over ’til you can come visit us here in Vail or get up on whatever hill you can. In the meantime do your snow dances and think snow – Gray

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