The PR Bigtime

Well, we’ve hit the bigtime … from a Public Relations standpoint, that is! Last Sunday we were featured in the New York Times Travel Section (you can see the article in our on-line press room). Needless to say, it was a PR homerun … or so says Monica McCafferty who handles that role for the Vail Valley Partnership. The only twist was that they goofed and put in the price as per person, per night … when it was really just per person (for all five nights). Oh well … we’ve still had some calls and are able to clarify everything on the phone. More importantly, the exposure from just being in the NYT is HUGE.November was a heckuva month from a PR perspective … the NYT feature, a couple quotes in Travel and Leisure magazine, some more in the Vail Daily and an interview on CBS Channel 4 in Denver. Man oh man, our queens of Public Relations (and most favorite consultants) Darla and Eliza have really been kicking butt. The Times article was the biggest coup for the WordenGroup since they got us on the front page of USA Today’s business section a couple years ago. I love it when they tell me that Regis & Kelly is next … but then I’m easily amused.

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