The L.Q.A. (Lodging Quality Assurance)

What is it and Who benefits.The L.Q.A. works directly and in conjunction with theVail Vally Partnership (which was formerly know as the tourism bureau for Vail and Beaver Creek). Their foremost responsibility is to rate the lodging in the Vail/Beaver Creek area and to categorize these properties accordingly. A platinum, gold, silver, or bronze rating is determined after inspection of each individual home, condominium, or hotel room.The staff of the L.Q.A. will, every 18 months, inspect an individual property for everything from wear and tear, quality furniture, kitchen utinsels, mattresses, art, and window coverings, just to mention a few of the dozens of items that have an influence on the final rating.The standards are lofty, but as Vail/Beaver Creek is perceived around the world, it will assure our guests that a winter or summer experience in this valley will be first class if this is what they expect. Whether a guest demands a platinum accommodation or will settle for a bronze rating, there are no surprises upon arrival. It should be noted that the Vail Vally Partnership is the only tourism bureau in the ski industry that rates all of their lodging. Other areas, such as Aspen, Steamboat, or Telluride have a limited program or none at all that compares to the program in place here.There may be a perception by some property owners that the L.Q.A. has too much control over that which they should not have any concern and “demands” for improvement are considered intrusive.The L.Q.A. “demands” nothing, but rather suggests to property management what has become acceptable accommodation’s for those that visit here. This all being the result of studies and surveys conducted over many years. Their is now is a direct relationship to ratings and rental property income. Visitors to our valley, as a whole, want high-end lodging and are willing to pay for it.The Vail Valley Partnership should be commended for initiating the L.Q.A. They have developed a new standard for the resort industry that all will need to incorporate eventuallyPosted by Greg Z.

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