The G.H.O.S.T. Is Back

The Antlers Haunts Ford Park AgainAll though there was some confusion about our softball team and whether we would be organized again, our fearless leader Rob Levine took charge and we found ourselves drenched in sunshine at Ford Park. It was Monday evening at 5:30 and the usual suspects took the field.We were a team again, but still confused. The apprehension, the nervousness, the lack of athletic ability. It was all evident for the first 3 innings. Simple grounders were rolling between legs. Pop flies were not dropped, but rather falling harmlessly over our heads. Mighty swings of the bat resulted only in walking back to the bench with heads down in shame.But this team has grit and we managed to keep the Snow Pigs from a commanding lead. We found ourselves in the 6th inning only 2 runs down and dare I say, feeling like no would could stop us now. But as it goes, swing and a miss, swing and a miss, swing and a miss. We lose 9 to 7 but feel great about it.Yes, the G.H.O.S.T. is back and this season we may even scare someone. (For season ticket information. you can contact the Antlers. We would love the support).

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