The Christmas Party

Last night was the Antlers Christmas party at Vista Restaurant in Arrowhead. They just opened in the Arrowhead location and their new space is very impressive. They have dark leather chairs that are the most comfortable restaurant chairs in which I have ever sat.The turnout was great with about sixty people attending this year, including all of our families.Our very own Santa (aka Hap) made his annual visit and handed out gifts for everyone. The children were posing on Santa’s lap while their parents snapped pictures and it must have looked like a lot of fun because the next time I looked up, the adults were posing on Santa’s lap for their Christmas shots too! As usual, everyone had a great time and good conversation, and lots of fun opening their presents. I’m already looking forward to the next gathering!There was a type-o on the menu which had salmon spelled s-a-m-o-n. Here is Rob coming up with the “very funny” joke of dubbing it the “Christmas Salmon-because it’s got no L”:

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