Finally some sun in Vail for the Back Bowls

After an incredible couple of months with snow and more snow, we finally have some sun.  Vail’s Back Bowls are in excellent condition.  Enjoying the views.  And Vail mountain is extending its operating hours this coming weekend.  

Beginning Friday, Feb.18, Vail Mountain will move to its full spring operating schedule at which time the majority of front side lifts will close at 4 p.m.; the Sourdough Lift (#14) will close at 3:30 p.m. Lifts and terrain in Game Creek, Sun Up, Sun Down, Tea Cup, China, Siberia, Inner and Outer Mongolia Bowls will also close at 3:30 p.m. Blue Sky Basin’s Skyline Express Lift (# 37) and Earl’s Express Lift (#38) will close at 3 p.m. and Pete’s Express Lift (#39) will close at 2:45 p.m. Lift operating hours are posted at the base of all open lifts.

View of the Back Bowls from the top of Blue Sky Basin

Cow’s Face

Vail’s Yonder

Vail snow report and ski conditions from Antlers at Vail

Here is the Vail snow and ski condition report from the Antlers at Vail condos for March 9th, 2010.  4 inches of new snow.  7 inches in the last 2 days.  Nice cool temps.  Skiing is fantastic.  Good powder in the Back Bowls, yet no one is around.  Very quiet on the hill.  On the back side there is a bit of crust underneath the powder but it is still quite nice.  If you can, try to get over to the north facing Blue Sky Basin.  They’ll have the best snow the next couple of days.

Heading into Game Creek Bowl with Blue skies ahead

Top of Chair 2, empty chairs

9:30 a.m. and hardly any tracks in the Back Bowls

A few powder turns in Sun Down Bowl

Vail ski report from the Antlers at Vail hotel

Here is your vail ski report from the Antlers at Vail hotel for February 17th.  Another 2 inches of snow with light snow throughout today.  Here I am with Carol MacGillis from Madison Wisconsin.  What is it about those Wisconsin skiers ?  They are all so good !  The picture below is on the ridge over at Blue Sky Basin at Vail.  70% chance of snow for tonight and tomorrow with 2-4 more inches predicted.  Even though it is President’s week in Vail, it isn’t too busy today.  Chris R.

Blue Sky Vail

Vail ski conditions February 1

Vail ski conditions February 1st:  Vail ski area reported 3 inches of new snow today.  It was sort of a surprise as down here at the base there was just a dusting of snow.  When this happens we figure there is only 3 inches up at the very top.  Well….  even at the base of the Avanti lift there was 3 inches and at the top there was 4-5 inches in places.  It was a very dry snow so it won’t last very long, but for at least the next two days things have softened up for us.  This was our chance today to get into the Back Bowls again and to get over to Blue Sky Basin.

Vail skiing conditions

Walter from Florida, Herbert and Krizsta Kafka from Vienna and Sarah from Italy, skiing Northwoods 

China Bowl

Skiing down West Poppy Fields heading for Blue Sky Basin

Vail powder

It was actually a bit cold out there today.  But warm weather is coming this Tuesday – Thursday

Vail snow report and ski conditions January 3

Wow, now we are talking.  Vail reported 8 inches of new snow and off and on snow throughout the day.  The Back Bowls were in incredible condition.  Super soft snow and most of the mountain now open.  I had my first taste of Blue Sky Basin this season just this afternoon….. “excellent”.

Blue Sky.jpg

Blue Sky Basin with the Back Bowls in the Background

Blue Sky Basin.jpg

Riding up

Vail Antlers at Vail.jpg

From The Blue Sky Chairlift