Super Bowl Party

Every year we talk about having a Super Bowl party in the conference room with the big screen. Well, we finally decided to do it this year, but only as a “trial run” with just our staff and few other friends. Of course it was an incredible game, which helped, but overall it was a great time. Half way into the second quarter we whipped up a makeshift box grid and Janina drew numbers for anyone who wanted in. Fifty cents a square. Evelyn mopped up with the 7 – 0 numbers at the end of quarters two and three, worth $15 each. Aaron from maintenance made out with the final $20 when Eli hit Plaxico at the end. Greg, Lisa and I had bets on everything from whether the next commercial would be for beer or a car, to what song Tom Petty would play first. Oh yeah, we bet on the game, too. Ultimately, I’m into them for three bucks. Whoopee.Joe and Janina Greene (110 owners) joined us, as did Nate and Lisa (from the Sonnenalp and the Christie Lodge, respectively). Staffers Justin, Magdalena (and husband Tony), Darci (with daughter Maria), Crissy, Lisa and Ratz all joined in for at least part of the game. We used up a fair amount of Coors beer, somewhat past the born-on date I believe (but hey, “free” rhymes with “me”). And the foodstuffs were perfect … Greg boiled some old fashioned tube steaks, which when smothered with Evelyn’s elk chili were good enough for me to down a pair of them (or was it 3?). Ratz snagged a bunch of crawfish from the Vail Chophouse, who had a Mardi Gras celebration going on. Plenty of grilled Buffalo wings, chips, deviled eggs and some of Lisa’s leftover (but tasty) birthday cake all insured that everyone went home pleasantly stuffed.All in all it was a hoot. Now that we know this works, we’ll have to do it again next year with a few more folks invited. Heck, maybe we’ll even crank it up for the Stanley Cup. Give us a shout if you want to join us … you’re definitely welcome.Rob

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