Restaurant Reviews! Concierge month!

It’s early season and the businesses of Vail are out in force trying to get the Antlers at Vail concierge’s attentions!  The restaurants around town have been treating us to wonderful free or cheap dinners for the past couple weeks and I have decided to do my part and put up the reviews!

First: Lord Gore Restaurant

5 out of 5 Antlers

This is one of the older restaurants around Vail.  However, they’ve got a new management team and so far are kicking butt in the Vail Valley.  I attended a concierge night where they had samplings available for most of the items on their menu.  It was like heaven!  I tried everything once, tried quite a few a few times more, and then finished with a chocolate decadence that had me and my fellow concierges squabbling and stealing it from each other like 5 year olds.  They are really changing things up over there and they are holding another concierge night with the other half of the menu very soon which I am H-E-doublehockeysticks bent on attending.  Their dining room is amazing (even though the manager is convinced its not good enough) with a great fireplace, 20-25 ft ceilings, and a MASSIVE window looking up into the mountain.  It would be a gorgeous place to sit and have breakfast early morning and watch the sun wash over the mountains.  They are really trying to cater to the customer there.  They are offering multiple sizes of all their starters and entrees to fit the needs of the dainty eaters and the black hole stomachs of this world.  Also, they offer massive platters so the whole family can share a single plate.  It’s a small establishment sitting maybe 60 people so reservations are HIGHLY recommended.  I can’t wait to go back.


Second: Terra Bistro

5 out 5 Antlers

This place rocked it.  I went with a bit of a foodie and she ask a LOT of questions about EVERYTHING.  The server and the host were both up to the challenge and were very knowledgeable.  The atmosphere was cool, calm, and quiet but it wasn’t busy that night.  I hear it can be a great place for apre ski because they have a decent sized bar and great happy hour specials (3-5 I think?).  The food was fannnntastic.  I highly recommend the dates wrapped in bacon starter it was one of the best things I’ve ever tasted (I hear its one of the happy hour specials).  The menu seems a bit small but I bet every item on there is really good.  I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone who is looking for a good high class meal.

Third: Lancelot

4 out of 5 Antlers

Had a reservation for 2 at 8 oclock on a Friday night.  We arrived 10 minutes early so expected a little wait.  We ended up waiting a good 30 minutes and watched the maitre d seat a walk in group who came in behind us without a reservation BEFORE US.  That was a bit of a sting to the experience.  However, once we sat down the rest of the experience was gold.  The service was speedy and knowledgeable, the food was excellent (steak and shrimp dinner was amazing, shrimp wrapped in bacon, steak smothered in an awesome sauce).  This place is considered by many to be the best prime rib in the valley so definitely recommend giving it a try.


Fourth: Mezzaluna

4 out of 5 Antlers

A good italian place located just next door to our building inside the Lionsquare Lodge.  A great place for apre ski, they have awesome happy hour specials and a great menu for dinner.  I went to lunch there and enjoyed a sampling of all their starters which all were good and reasonably priced.  Their location is A+ being right next to the gondola.  You can sit on the deck and watch all the skiers returning to the base of the mountain while sipping a Fat Tire beer.





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