Opening Day at Vail!

It was a warm, bluebird day at Vail mountain and, while I didn’t get there early enough to enjoy cheap breakfast burritos for charity, I was itching to break in some new gear. A minute walk from the Antlers and about that long waiting in the lift line and I was ready to go. I shuffled up to the red line, took my seat on the chair, and the moment I sat on my poles and turned to chat with the other people on the lift, the person sitting next to me brought the bar down on top of my head. An inauspicious start to the season… good thing I was wearing my new brain bucket.

Things picked up though, and I was enjoying the one and a half runs open on beautiful Vail mountain. I didn’t partake, but there was also a small terrain park open for those interested. Though I heard complaints about crowding, but I never waited for more than 3 minutes in the singles line and didn’t have much of a problem with on hill traffic either. With manmade snow being blown and a decent storm looking like it might roll through the valley this weekend, its looking like conditions can only improve. In any case, there’s skiing in Eagle County and we couldn’t be happier.

P.S. Sorry about the photo quality, cameraphones have their limitations.

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