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IF YOU HAVEN’T EXPERIENCED IT, COULD YOU PLEASE JUST IMAGINE IT  The sun is out and the sky seems to have invented a new color. It’s blue, but more than blue. There has been some incandescent additive throw in. You feel like only here could you be witness to this. It’s a beautiful, new shade that serves as a back drop to everything else that seems surreal.The evergreens are not green, but rather have transformed themselves to pure white. The snow has laid down on every branch from top to bottom. It has accumulated so much as not to lay the branches down, but strengthen them as they are now locked together as if they have been sprayed and frozen in place.There are people everywhere, but you hear nothing, It is only calm and quiet. As you make your turns down the mountain, you can’t even hear your skis. They float through what seems like the tops of clouds.This is exhilarating, and time even seems as if it were frozen in place.The only thing that has moved is the sun. Without even realizing, your day has past and while all that beauty around you begins to fall asleep, you can’t help but try and calm yourself from the energy that has been transfered to you. Your eyes are still wide and you reflect on the day. You’re tired, but you can’t relax.This is my ski report for Saturday, January 31. Skiing with friends and enjoying every moment on that mountain. What a place this can be.Greg Z.

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  1. Beautifully written, so I could imagine being there enjoying the day, the turns, the snow, the quiet and the cold mountain air that I love and enjoy so much. Only in my dreams for this year. Thank you for sharing a remarkable vision.

  2. Thanks for the comment Jane. Next time you visit us, I’ll be sure to put one of those days together for us and we’ll get out there. Greg

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