Mountain Roller Coaster, Glenwood Springs

Many Antlers guests have asked about “mountain roller coasters”.  Vail doesn’t have one at the moment, but we are working on it.  But if you are in the Vail Valley for a week or so, many guests will visit Glenwood Springs Caverns and fun park which has a cave tour, bungey jumping, a mountain roller coaster, food, games, and more.  Here is a quick clip of Darci and Amy from the front desk riding the roller coaster this past spring.

YouTube video

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  1. How much fun!!! Good thing I didn’t see this until now! I’m a sucker for waterslides and this looks like a fun “dry” slide and roller coaster combined! And do you think they would have approved this at Head? Probably not! Next year! Thanks for sharing! PS Loved the screaming and comments! 🙂

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