Global Book Club

Not all found books are lost books, some are left in places and meant to be found, read and enjoyed. As someone who dearly loves their books and can’t ever seem to part with them I am having to come to terms with the fact that I just don’t have the space to keep so many, so I have decided to join a global community of people who also love books but also want to share them with the rest of the world. BookCrossing encourages people to share books by leaving them in public places for others to find and enjoy, each book is tagged with an ID number and people can enter the number on the web site and you can track where it has been and read notes people have written about the book.  I will be starting small by creating a library in our Antlers Vail business center and placing books in there with a book plate telling about the program.

Baby steps for me in getting rid of my beloved books they aren’t going far away right away so I can still go visit them from time to time. Hopefully people will join in and leave books for others to enjoy. If you would like to contribute all you have to do is a leave a book in a public place and relish in the fact that someone else is enjoying it as much as you did!


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  1. Great idea, Katie. I also have a hard time giving up my books but I might find a few that I can share. Afterall – what the heck am I saving them for? Although if I wait a few years – the story becomes new again!

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