Yesterday Darci, Randi, Crissy, Eric, Kristen and I all went to the new Vail Chophouse for lunch. It was their “soft” opening … invited neighbors and friends only … just to help them work out the kinks. We were excited for a free lunch, but we really got wound up when we arrived and our super cute, South African server Karen said, “We want you to order as much as possible … soup, salad, appetizer, entree AND dessert”. Look out. We waddled home two hours later.As awesome as the lunch was, the buzz in the place (and outside) was even better. I sat down with owner Brian Nolan, Vail Jazz Foundation exec dir Mia Vlaar and PR guru Pat Peeples for a few minutes and everyone was practically giddy with the excitement of the Arrabelle opening. I’ve got to admit, after four years of talking about how great it’s going to be … it is pretty incredible.Rob

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  1. A bowl of killer potato chowder soup
    Mahi Fish tacos
    Some of Crissy’s crabcakes
    Some of Randi’s Salmon salad sandwich
    A little of Kristen’s prime rib sandy
    A bunch of somebody’s (?) ceaser salad
    A couple of sliders
    More than my share of the chocolate sin thing
    And a whole mess of the bourbon pecan pie.

    Told you …

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