Employee Profile

Who is Gladys Villeda?Just one of the sweetest housekeepers ever to enter a unit at the Antlers.Gladys was born in Honduras and managed to move to the United States in January of 1989. Her dream of living and working in New York was short lived and she didn’t last a full winter there. The last I checked, the climate in the Honduras is a bit warmer than up-state New York and I think that may have had something to do with her decision to relocate.Her choices were clear and after short deliberation of where to settle next, she choose Vail. Ehmmmm?In January of 1990 Gladys was in Vail to do all the things she has dreamed of doing in a summer wonderland. She realized quickly that she was living in a winter wonderland and decided to stay right here anyway and start her career at the Antlers. We are so glad she did.Ask her about her hobbies (she has never attempted to ski) and she will tell you that she has four hobbies. They are her children and that keeps her busy enough. If she is not watching Antonio Bandaras movies, she is planning her trip to Hawaii or Puerto Rico (imagine that).You’re Welcome!Gladys speaks excellent English and speaks with sincerity. She often radios the front desk after cleaning a unit and a typical conversation would go like this: “Unit 204 is ready for check in”. The front desk responds “Thank you Gladys”. She says “You’re welcome”. Or “The guest staying in 605 would like service next”. “I will do it next”…..”Thank you Gladys”…..”You’re welcome”. If you happen to see her leave for the day….”Thanks for a great job today Gladys”….”Your welcome, I will see you tomorrow, sleep well tonight”.You’re welcome to come stay with us and and meet this great gal.

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