Vail Colorado skiing

Vail Colorado skiing is incredible ! April 6th and we have powder and sunshine. Cold outside at the moment and if you get up early, you’ll have the whole mountain to yourself. In the pics are some of our friends from Minnesota. 2 inches new today. Not sure how many feet in the last week.

Some light powder on Jade Glade

Top of the China bowl lift towards the Gore Range

Vail snow April 3

Wow, it has been coming down all morning. It probably started around 6am since Vail Ski Patrol didn’t report any new snow at 6am. We’ve probably received 12 inches in the last 6 hours. Roads are closed all over the place. Some of us had to work today, so all we could do was take a few pictures around the building.

Maybe it is too early for bikes

Some people taking a dip in the pool

A break in the weather (for 15 minutes)

Winter is Back!

Update 3/26, still snowing outside! Over 3 feet of snow the last 4 days. Cold outside. January conditions are back. Where did Spring go ? It is supposed to be sunny for Saturday, but then next week they are calling for more snow again. Chris R.Just when the goggle tan lines were coming in nicely and everyone was breaking out their spring wardrobe winter decided, its not over yet. Vail received 17 inches of snow in the last 48 hours and more snow is forcasted for the remainder of the week. The warm weather and sun we were getting used to have been replaced by colder weather and snowy skies. Conditions should be amazing this week.- Darci

Great Snow in March….from The SnowWitch!

Just a note to all you avid skiers…had a few days out at Vail last week – 7-11 March – and had two big snowstorms with mid-winter snow conditions!! Took our guest, Steve, down The Headwall, Emperor’s Choice, Gandy Dancer, Poppyfields – and he was in heaven! See you all at Taste of Vail in April! From – The SnowWitch

Bitter-Sweet, Happy-Not Sad

do you recognize this hand?

do you recognize this hand?

Let me tell you about my ski day on Saturday.It was a beautiful day. You know,sunshine, 30 degrees. Myself, Randi, Lisa and Bob were having a few laughs on chair 4 and we were nervous with excitement as we headed toward the back bowls. It was 10:30 in the AM and at 11:00 I was lying on my back in the snow on Genghis Khan. My ski was over there, my face was bleeding a bit, but the view was incredible. All that blue sky and I was alone. My friends had already reached the bottom of what I now consider a cliff.They were kind enough to ring my cell phone. “Hello, this is Greg” I answered. The sweet voice on the other end was Randi. “Greg, where are you?” she asked. I calmly replied “I’m the one lying in the snow, taking in the view. My ski is 20 yards up and I don’t feel like getting it. Something is broken, but I’m not sure which part.””Oh, we see you” she exclaimed. I waved to my little dot friends in the valley below and they waved back. It was an enchanting moment. They looked like they were 4 miles away. “We’ll wait for you” Randi said and I thought “How kind and patient my friends are”. (If you were to have a heart attack on the golf course, you’re playing partners would put you in the woods, cover you with leaves, and finish the round without you.) I felt obligated to gather myself, meet my loyal pals, and continue, broken or not.The rest of the day was great. I played in pain and knew cocktails were not far away.My friend Bob from Denver stayed the night and acted as my personal nurse. “Do you want another beer?” he would ask and I would reply “Yes, Bob, thank you.”On Sunday, I woke up with a melted and open bag of ice in my bed. My thumb was swollen and my friend made the coffee. We chatted quietly over joe and he remarked “It looks broken to me, I’m going back to Denver.” I said “I’m going for X-rays, have a nice day.”‘Yes, it’s broken” the doctor told me and all of this as golf season is upon us.The world waited for Tiger Woods to return and even though there is no similiarity to him and I, I believe my few fans will be there when I return to Vail Muny. Golf Course to conquer its fairways once again.I will have to wait untill next ski season to conquer Genghis Khan.

I'll be ready

I'll be ready

Greg ZComments please, no sympathy

Vail Skiing, with the gals

After last week’s 18 inches of snow, we are back to Spring time weather. Sunglasses and sunscreen. This week (March 14th-21st) seems to be the big Spring Break week. Lots of families in town and a few lift lines in the morning. Stay away from Chair 2 Avanti and you’ll stay happy! Bring a beer and a steak to grill up to Belle’s camp at the top of Blue Sky and you’ll be even happier.

Here is Sarah, Tiziana and Cindy up on the slopes March 14th

Vail snow conditions… corn snow March

Great Spring skiing conditions with plenty of corn snow each day. Bring your suntan lotion and sunglasses. But it won’t last! They are calling for snow Saturday through much of the coming week. No more deck parties for awhile. Oh well……

Sun up bowl

Chris, Sarah, Simone (Campo De Fiori chef)

Vail cross country skiing

Looking for something different in Vail? Why not try some cross country skiing. Just a couple of minutes East of town is the Vail Golf Course. During the winter it becomes the home of the Vail Nordic Center where they rent cross country ski equipment, Skate skies and snow shoes. Pay a small “track fee” ($8) and head out on the trails. They even have separate trails for snow shoes and cross country skiers. We have had some spring like weather the last week but the trails are still in top notch condition. If you don’t have a car to get to the Nordic center, perhaps someone at the desk can give you a quick ride in the Antlers van.

Sarah out on the trail


I’m skiing with a friend and I really want to learn how to do the bumps. We’re getting off of Chair 11 and I say “lets just do Powerline on the way back. I can’t learn unless I start.” I began the run behind her and was distracted by at least 8 youngsters next to me getting a lesson from one of the blue coats. I fell at least once after not following a “line”. I realized there was no line, but continued to ski out of control anyway. When I finished the 300 yards or so and stopped next to my friend who kindly waited, she said “Look at that”.These 6 to 8 year olds are following each other and coming down like troopers. The instructor was yelling up the hill ‘You’re doing great. Keep it up”. We were looking up and saw a bunch of kids falling behind moguls and and getting up, one at a time , four at a time, three at a time. Their little heads would disappear behind the snow and then reappear. It looked like a bunch of colorful bobble head dolls on skis. They gathered around the instructor at the bottom and they all had smiles on their red little faces. I heard one say “lets do that again.”If skiing can be “cute”, we witnessed it.We continued down back to Lionhead on steep, groomed runs, and for ten minutes I felt like a kid again. The future is looking good on Powerline and I have a feeling they will be doing the bumps before I am.Greg Z

Mid-winter conditions

It is mid-winter conditions out there. A little bit of snow each day and not too warm. Many people (including many of the Antlers repeat guests) have the Vail Resorts “Epic Pass” this year where you have unlimited skiing at Vail, Beaver Creek, Keystone, Breckenridge and Heavenly. It is unrestricted and was sold for just $579 prior to the ski season. The beauty of a pass like this is that you don’t feel like you have to ski a full day each and every day. You can just take a couple of runs. And if conditions aren’t just perfect, who cares….. you can go out later or wait for another day. Today, Sarah and I got on the ski lifts promptly at 3:15pm to finally make two runs for the day. (we were a little slow going today) But a quick ride up some lifts and we were at the top. After a 5 minute break for a hot-tea, we had the whole mountain to ourselves for a run down the mountain! Chris R.

No one on the mountain but us (someone looks a little cold)