Vail ski conditions from the Antlers at Vail condos, February 19

Here is the Vail ski condition report from the Antlers at Vail condos for February 19th.  The skiing is GREAT!  Although we had been short on snow for the early ski season, the last two weeks have been really good.  Another 5 inches of snow reported today.  As I was heading up the Born Free Express lift I was having my doubts on the 5 inches, as it only looked like 3 inches down here in Lionshead.  Well, there was plenty up high.  Most of my runs were done in Game Creek Bowl ( see the Vail ski area map ).  It started snowing pretty good again around 3pm this Friday afternoon.  Chris R.

Some powder in Game Creek Bowl

More storm clouds rolling in from the West

A look back at some powder turns

Vail ski report from the Antlers at Vail hotel

Here is your vail ski report from the Antlers at Vail hotel for February 17th.  Another 2 inches of snow with light snow throughout today.  Here I am with Carol MacGillis from Madison Wisconsin.  What is it about those Wisconsin skiers ?  They are all so good !  The picture below is on the ridge over at Blue Sky Basin at Vail.  70% chance of snow for tonight and tomorrow with 2-4 more inches predicted.  Even though it is President’s week in Vail, it isn’t too busy today.  Chris R.

Blue Sky Vail

Greg’s Delayed Ski Report

It’s Sunday, February 14th, Valentines Day.

Myself, Randi, Rob, Danny, and Lisa along with 4 friends from Ohio, 4 friends from Denver, Rob’s brother-in-law and nephew, and a couple thousand strangers went out to see what all the buzz was about on Vail Mountain.

Snow, and lots of it. The superlatives can not adequately describe how much fun this place can be after 3 days of dumping. Suffice to say, one of the best ski days of the year.

A few quotes from the gang:

Randi, with a huge smile and a gleam in her eyes said “The Forever run was the best of the season. I could have made it top to bottom, but I stopped to wait for all the other old people”.

Tim (Ohio buddy) said “I’m a lousy skier and Blue Ox was easy. I’m re-naming it Little Calf”.

Dave (Denver buddy) said “If it wasn’t for Vail, I’d be at home shopping for an inappropriate Valentines card. I love this place”.

As we stared down knee deep powder, Lisa said to me (for the 4the time) “Just let it go”. (This time I was determined to fall on purpose and make her wait).

Rob remarked “Has anyone seen my brother-in-law”?

The 2 o’clock picnic beside chair 5 was the ideal ending to a glorious day. The back-packs came out from under the trees and were undressed on the table. The typical ingredients were laid out for a mountain top picnic. Something to eat; hot dogs, chips, grapes, cheese. Something to drink; wine, sambuca, champagne, beer, brandy, and melted snow for hydration. Then Rob opened his pack and started grilling a couple of racks of lamb, garnished with goat cheese (I could make this stuff up but I’m not).

One more Forever run before the Bowls close and then in for the day. What a Happy Valentines Day. I hope everyone’s night was just as exhilarating. Personally, I called everyone I knew and left messages begging for a return call. I didn’t want to fall asleep on the couch at 7:15. I made it to 7:45.

That’s your Hallmark Holiday Ski Report.

Greg Z

Vail snow report and vail ski conditions Feb 16

Another 5 inches of snow today.  It is soooooo soft out there.  Still snowing lightly although they are calling for clearing skies by this afternoon.  Another storm predicted Wednesday night.  Now, you have all probably heard that parts of Colorado are a bit below average for snow this season.  And yes, this includes Vail at the moment.  If you are driving up from Denver, it can be very scary.  We made the trip from Denver early this morning (but still got on the lifts by 11:45).  There isn’t much snow along the road until you get to the top of Vail Pass.  Even near Copper mountain there wasn’t much there.  Thankfully the Vail Valley has been blessed as we seem to be getting the majority of the snow out of these recent systems.   So far this season Vail has had 172 inches.  Keystone 92 inches. Go figure.

Pictures from today (Tuesday) around 1pm

Game Creek Bowl

Chair 2 Vail

Sort of boring pictures but I was skiing by myself

Chair 3 Vail

Vail ski and snow conditions February 14

9 inches of new snow today and 14 inches in the last two days.  It is still snowing outside as of Sunday mid-day.  Things are soft up there (at least that is what the guests are saying).  Some of us hope to get up late this afternoon to make some runs, take some pictures and get you an updated report.

Vail snow and ski conditions February 12th

No pictures today, but we received a surprise this Friday morning with 3 inches of new snow in Vail.  This is on top of the 2 inches from yesterday.  Down in town it was a bit less, but this snow will freshen the slopes up just in time for the busy President’s weekend holiday.  See you out there !

Vail snow and ski conditions February 8

Some of us locals can get pretty lazy mid-season and we can go a week without skiing.  Yeah, I know………  But it was good to get out there again.  Still no super huge dumps, but every three days or so we get another 3 inches or something.  Just enough to keep things soft and keep the skiing good.  The sun came out today and we had a trace of new snow.  Multiple runs in China Bowl.  If you stuck to the west facing slopes in China, the powder was still pretty soft.  Some misc. pictures using the camera phone below.  They groomed Headwall and Emperor’s choice in the back, which is where we spent most of the day.   I went skiing with Marilyn Levey from New York.  She took one of those Her Turn workshops through Vail this past weekend and raved about how great it was.  Check it out the link for more information.   Until next time…  Chris R.

Chair 17

Riding up Chair 17 after doing headwall


Buffalo’s, the best place to meet up with people and adjust your ski boots


I thought I had more pictures, sorry………

Midweek Visit to Vail Mountain

Since I had been feeling better  I took to the slopes February 2nd Tuesday morning. Wow, was I reminded of how great it is to be on Vail Mountain when there are no crowds! The Gondola, Game Creek, Chair 5, Chair 11 and Chair 4; no lines! It was heaven for those who have only hours before they have to work. My runs were in the glistening sun and as though I was all alone; it was one of my favorite days on the mountain. I hope your upcoming days here in Vail mirror my Tuesday morning and if you haven’t booked your accommodations here at the Antlers at Vail, well we’re here waiting 🙂

Going up Game Creek Express

Going up Game Creek Express

Taking in the sights on Lion's Way

Taking in the sights on Lion's Way

Happy, happy, happy

Happy, happy, happy

~ Aisha

Vail ski conditions February 1

Vail ski conditions February 1st:  Vail ski area reported 3 inches of new snow today.  It was sort of a surprise as down here at the base there was just a dusting of snow.  When this happens we figure there is only 3 inches up at the very top.  Well….  even at the base of the Avanti lift there was 3 inches and at the top there was 4-5 inches in places.  It was a very dry snow so it won’t last very long, but for at least the next two days things have softened up for us.  This was our chance today to get into the Back Bowls again and to get over to Blue Sky Basin.

Vail skiing conditions

Walter from Florida, Herbert and Krizsta Kafka from Vienna and Sarah from Italy, skiing Northwoods 

China Bowl

Skiing down West Poppy Fields heading for Blue Sky Basin

Vail powder

It was actually a bit cold out there today.  But warm weather is coming this Tuesday – Thursday

Vail ski conditions January 22 and 23 and 24 and the 25th

Update: January 25, 10 more inches of snow reported at 6am.  They say we’ve received 30 inches of snow over the last 7 days.  Check out the Vail Cam for a look.

Update:  January 24, 9 more inches of snow reported at 6am.  It has been snowing hard all morning.  Finally some serious powder !

Update:  January 23, 4 more inches of snow reported, snowing pretty good outside.

January 22, Vail ski conditions are certainly getting freshened up this week .  We had 5 inches a few days ago and then a few inches each of the last couple of days.  We are still looking and hoping for that big dump this weekend and we’ll certainly keep you up to speed.   Here are some pictures from Wednesday when they reported 5 inches.  It was 5 inches up on the upper 1/2 of the mountain but more like 2-3 inches from Chair 2 on down.  Here we are on Northwoods.  It was lightly snowing Friday mid-day when this was posted.

Chris R.

Antlers vail snow

Chair 2

Top of Chair 2 on Wednesday.  The Groomers were GOOD