Bitter-Sweet, Happy-Not Sad

do you recognize this hand?

do you recognize this hand?

Let me tell you about my ski day on Saturday.It was a beautiful day. You know,sunshine, 30 degrees. Myself, Randi, Lisa and Bob were having a few laughs on chair 4 and we were nervous with excitement as we headed toward the back bowls. It was 10:30 in the AM and at 11:00 I was lying on my back in the snow on Genghis Khan. My ski was over there, my face was bleeding a bit, but the view was incredible. All that blue sky and I was alone. My friends had already reached the bottom of what I now consider a cliff.They were kind enough to ring my cell phone. “Hello, this is Greg” I answered. The sweet voice on the other end was Randi. “Greg, where are you?” she asked. I calmly replied “I’m the one lying in the snow, taking in the view. My ski is 20 yards up and I don’t feel like getting it. Something is broken, but I’m not sure which part.””Oh, we see you” she exclaimed. I waved to my little dot friends in the valley below and they waved back. It was an enchanting moment. They looked like they were 4 miles away. “We’ll wait for you” Randi said and I thought “How kind and patient my friends are”. (If you were to have a heart attack on the golf course, you’re playing partners would put you in the woods, cover you with leaves, and finish the round without you.) I felt obligated to gather myself, meet my loyal pals, and continue, broken or not.The rest of the day was great. I played in pain and knew cocktails were not far away.My friend Bob from Denver stayed the night and acted as my personal nurse. “Do you want another beer?” he would ask and I would reply “Yes, Bob, thank you.”On Sunday, I woke up with a melted and open bag of ice in my bed. My thumb was swollen and my friend made the coffee. We chatted quietly over joe and he remarked “It looks broken to me, I’m going back to Denver.” I said “I’m going for X-rays, have a nice day.”‘Yes, it’s broken” the doctor told me and all of this as golf season is upon us.The world waited for Tiger Woods to return and even though there is no similiarity to him and I, I believe my few fans will be there when I return to Vail Muny. Golf Course to conquer its fairways once again.I will have to wait untill next ski season to conquer Genghis Khan.

I'll be ready

I'll be ready

Greg ZComments please, no sympathy

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  1. After a kind soul retreived his ski, Greg gamely traversed Genghis Khan for half a mile up and down small valleys to get to the friendlier terrain of Sweet and Sour. Greg was NOT going to be cheated out of his intended run. At the end of the day his thumb was throbbing, my knee was sore, Bob’s foot was in pain and Lisa’s back was tight. It’s tough getting old! But the cocktails get that much better. We’ll miss you on the slopes, my friend. Recover quickly.

  2. Don’t believe everything you read. I did not nurse Greg. If I happened to get him a beer, it was only because I was already getting one for myself. At least now he has a legitimate excuse for what he calls a golf game.BobP.S. I’ll give you 4 strokes a side our time out.

  3. Sorry dad, asking for no sympathy is asking for sympathy. Life is full of trade offs and we cant win them all. Cliches, cocktails, and bike rides for the golf season? Sounds fun!

  4. Greg: This is good stuff. Not only are you our star maintenance guy, you are a skilled skier, bartender, drinker and, now, humorist. See you soon.Mark

  5. Ouch! Unfortunately, I can relate. At least you were doing something fun when you broke it and with great friends. I still haven’t tried swinging a club but I am hitting the slopes again after a broken right wrist. Patience is the name of the game and you’ll be ready to play golf. Don’t want sympathy? Take the strokes!!!

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