Ask an Antler, Part II!

Welcome back loyal readers, to this week’s installment of Ask and Antler. Up next is longtime local (12 years!) Katie, who splits her time between our Front Desk and Group Sales departments, and runs her own business creating fine deserts and phenomenal chocolates for the discerning palate. If that sounds tempting look her up at

Favorite Run or Chair on Vail: Shangri-La. Since we’re renaming all the runs anyway I’ve renamed it “Katie’s Zen.”
Ed’s Note: She speaks of Vail’s controversial renaming of International to “Lindsey’s Run.” Our maintenance man Greg has an interesting take on it that got printed up in the Vail Daily

Favorite Place to Apres: Anywhere the Laughing Bones are playing.

Best Pizza: I like Pazzo’s over everybody else.
Ed’s Note: I happen to agree. If only they delivered…

Favorite Fine Dining Restaurant: A split between La Tour and Splendido. Always good and always consistent.

Best Non-Skiing Activity: Snowshoeing and cross country skiing. Summer: hiking… take a day and go up to State Bridge.

Best Rental/Gear Shop: Whatever I can afford.

Best Nightlife: It was the Sundance. Now it depends on what’s going on.

Top Reason to Look Forward to Melting Snow: Cruiser Bike rally around town.

Best Reason to go Downvalley: Tons of reasons: change of scenery, see new people… and Splendido’s downvalley.

Anything Else?: They should bring back BB&B and the Great Race.

There we have it. As always, comments and any questions you’d like see answered are welcome. Until then, we’ll see you next week when interview my next victim.

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