“As the ANTLERS TURN….” scene 5 by Gz

I was feeling a bit stupid standing there thinking I was some sort of Green Hornet who had rushed to saved the place from burning down.  Now I was thinking, “I wonder if I could use the women’s changing room since the other would be out of order for awhile.”                  

It was after midnight now and a crowd was gathering.  Rob showed up and stood next to our newly hired Preservation Manager who was questioning himself and the decision to accept employment at the Antlers.  They watched the fire together and only sober thoughts ran through their heads.                         

 A 25 year vet, Rob thought “the end of an era.”               

Tom thought “I’ve been working here for 2 weeks and the pool burns down.       

Tom ponders Antlers interview tactics

 What have I gotten into?”                          

We had a lot of guests in house because the skiing was great and they all had a birds eye view from their balconies.  I was on the other end of the pool deck wondering why there was no water coming out of the hoses.                

The only fires I have ever been around are the ones I’ve started.  I was setting them as a wee lad burning my plastic army men behind the garage.  When I matured to adolescence, I started them on the High School Campus after a football game.  Now that I’m really mature, I’ve been spotted behind the Antlers sitting next to my campfire on Gore Creek.  Always under control of course.  I’ve never seen a “real”  fire when the the red trucks and sirens and lights flashing and uniformed officers were needed to put the thing out and they have those really cool plastic hats and I wonder if they really slide down a pole and….                                 

It’s amazing how professional they are.  I remember now all the equipment being put in place.  The hoses being dragged around to proper position.  They were  methodical and efficient. After the set up,  I heard the a radio call to “hit the water”.  Within minutes, the inferno was extinguished.  Man, there is some serious water pressure that runs through those hoses.                  

We wanted to blame the cabana boy but we didn't have one

  The mess  that was left the next day was not a pretty site. Our crack maintenance crew had the well roasted building torn down and shoveled away with-in a couple of days.  Now a   decision needed to be made. We were in the middle of ski season and who doesn’t want to swim a few laps and use a hot tub after an exhilarating day on the mountain? Should we keep the pool open? El Jefe called an emergency meeting and wanted input.                    

 Knowing I was one of the people who took advantage of a hot tub after a day of skiing, I decided to give my 2 cents worth.  I was thinking selfish selfish but didn’t want to appear as such.   So I said “We have to keep the pool open.  I would…I mean our guests would be totally upset if they had know where to soak .”    


 Tom offered the thought of building a wall where the fire left most of the damage.  “That will keep inquisitive minds from falling through the hole.”              

Rob ultimately decided to add some water and keep it open

Construction began that spring and anyone staying here (and me) in the interim, shared pools and hot tubs with our neighbors until we were proud owners of a brand new, state of art, swimming pool complex.  This one has new changing rooms with showers, hot hot tubs, gardens that are unsurpassed and we even threw in a couple of  flushing toilets.         

     Action and “you had to be there to appreciate it” scenarios are still developing, so no tease for the next scene. It’s getting busy here so just stay tuned……      


It was worth the wait



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