“As the Antlers Turn…..” scene 15

What do you want first, the good or the bad news?

Although we did not win the “Grand Prize”, we did win.  I haven’t written the e -mail to anyone yet explaining our good fortunate, but when I do it will go like this:

From:  G Ziccardi

Subject:  Lottery Results

Do not quit your day job.  The big winner is from New York and I’m sure, whoever he or she is, that individual needs the money more than us.

These are the results of our 100 tickets (checked and then double checked because I couldn’t believe the results the first time).  Of the 100 tickets, 3 of them were in the money.  One ticket for $2, one for $3 and the last for $7.  Divided by 20 players, the net profit is $0.60 each. 

Not included is the Service Charge ($0.77) that everyone is responsible for and the Fuel Surcharge ($0.67) that recently has been levied.  After re-calculation, everyone owes me an additional $0.74.  I have decided to forgo these additional charges.

Any problems with that?  If so, have your people call my people and we’ll do lunch.


A few souls called and wanted to know the results on Sunday morning.  I felt like I let everyone down.  Randi was first.  “Should I buy that trip to Switzerland?” she asked.  I only said “No, but you can buy some gas for your car and come back to work tomorrow.”

I saw Lora this morning and she seemed convinced and confident when she asked “Did we win?”.  Thank God she got a radio call and had to walk away before I said anything.  I’ll break the news to her Monday.

Amy just wanted a new golf bag.  “Fortunately, I don’t need $5 million for that.  I’ll manage.”

Chris Ratz seemed more concerned than I thought he would be.  “What do you mean we didn’t win?  I already told my father he could use Tom’s Cadillac and stay at Elsa’s new house.”

My mother was probably most upset.  I promised her the first $100K.

The real good news is we are all back where we belong.  No new hassles in our lives, just the routines we are accustomed to and do so well. 

The bad news is the Power Ball Jackpot is getting close to $100 million.

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