“As the ANTLERS TURN….” scene 1 by Gz

We live in a resort town and it just happens to be Vail, Colorado.  We are the employees of the Antlers at Vail.

My name is Greg, The Director of  Nothing,  and in my years here I have been witness to a wonderful business practice at our little condominium resort.  I also have been surrounded by borderline insanity with regards to day to day operation of this place.  The purpose of this ongoing series is to share some of the things that go on around here that you probably wouldn’t know or hear about without me making it public.

I’ll promise this one thing; what you read in the coming months is true and almost factual.  I will reserve the right to embellish on any one situation I deem obligated to report.  The characters are real, although I’ve changed the names of a few to protect their innocence.

Let’s get started….

It’s October in Vail and our little town sleeps this time of year.  We are in transition so to speak.  A lot, but not all restaurants and shops close down for vacation purposes, hotel staffs are working shorter hours and the weather usually starts its change from glorious fall days to cold rain and spitting snow.

Not this year however.  I don’t remember such beautiful days through September and this far into October.  People must have heard of the pleasant season we are having because there are more guests staying with us this time of year than I can remember.  Good for them I say.  Take advantage of the reasonable room rates and delight in the surroundings.

It’s 6:45 am and Darci, our Front Office Manager (she should have 2 titles;  the other one being What Goes On In the Back Office Manager), is unlocking the doors to the Lobby.  She is constantly amazed how early people get up as 4 guests are waiting with coffee cups outside in their pajamas.  One is reading the paper and leaning against the sign that says “Lobby Opens at 7:00 am”.  He asks Darci, as she fumbles with her keys, “What time does the Lobby open?”

She turns on the lights and is escorted to the coffee station to begin the first brew of the day.  She checks messages after settling in behind the front desk.  ” You have…19…new …messages….to listen to your …messages.

Meanwhile Rob (El Jefe), as a testimony to how nice the weather has been, is still riding his bike to work.  He peddles away at 7:30 in the morning and the only thought that runs through his mind is “I’ve got to win the Sole Power Challenge.  I’ve got to win the Sole Power Challenge” (more on that later).

This particular day was going along at a routine pace.  Chris (Assistant Mgr or Director off All Things Big & Small) is on vacation.  We just call him Ratz.  There is no real relevance to this except that the front desk gang have a tendency to relax a bit more when they are at work and he is in Italy (more on that later). 

I love my coffee and will make several stops a day to the Lobby to enjoy a cup and today was no exception. I say hello to everyone before going to the back offices to check the mail.  “Darci, I heard everyone went out last night to celebrate a perfect strangers birthday. Did you get enough sleep last night?”

She looks up and says “Greg you know me better than that.  I never get enough sleep.  I could sleep 14 hours a day and still take a nap.  And we did go out and she wasn’t a stranger.  Amy knows her because of Yvonne when she lived here.  Yvonne knows her because a good friend of hers knows her Uncle in Des Moines.”

“Certainly sounds like someone you would lay down and die for.  I hope you weren’t required to bring a gift” was the only thing I could think of saying.  “Is El Jefe in yet?

“I didn’t see him but I know he came in through the back door and went right to his office.”  She went back to starring blankly at her computer screen.  No chit chat with me today.  I can see that.  Poor girl didn’t get enough sleep.

I poked my head into Rob’s office to say hello and I saw him sitting at his desk with his head in his hands.  Very uncharacteristic.

“Good Day Rob.  Is everything all right?”  I really thought he was going to lift his head up and I would see the swollen eyes and tears running down his face…………tbc

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