Antlers Halls and Walls

Some things just don’t last forever and some things simply need to be accented.

The carpet on our walkways outside all the Antlers at Vail condominiums was crying “I’m tired.  I’m worn out and I want to be recycled.”  The Antlers Board and owners granted the wish.  They approved the purchase of 18,000 square feet of new carpet, 240 gallons of glue, 400 lbs of floor leveler, and Castle Peak Carpet Installers to do the job.

Tommy Hymes of Castle Peak Carpet, slices one of the 11 rolls shipped from Belgium.


Lay down that glue and roll it over.


7th Floor down and 6 to go.

















My favorite.

Our garage walls have been just that for too long…..garage walls.  They were in dire need of some accent pieces. Our underground, heated, well lit parking structure.  now has artwork.  With the permission of long time resident and photographer Jack Affleck, we retained New Vista Image to reproduce some incredible photographs of the Vail Valley.  Mounted on 4′ x 8′ sheets, the color and imagery are amazing.

Tom and Ryan secure some "garage art" for free public viewing.


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  1. Not many hotels can boast of covered, heated parking with FINE ART. This is so cool, and I can’t wait to check it out.

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