And the Winner Is…..

Randi, Darci and Chrissy smile for the camera lights….Greg thinks the light is a train in a tunnel

The 2009 Vail Valley Gala and Awards Ceremony was held this past Friday at the Ritz-Carlton in Beaver Creek.Let me explain why this night is so important.First and foremost, clothing. The people that are privileged to attend, get to dress up. With regard to attire, we all live in a place that expresses the casual side of clothing. When there is an opportunity for us (women) to look in the back of the closet for that formal cocktail dress or gown, we (women) will pounce on the opportunity to get it dry cleaned. Let me say this: the Antlers group cleans up pretty nice. This is one good looking staff after the ski pants, gators, and goggles are replaced with pressed formal wear and all colors are coordinated.Next would be dancing. Then there is eating and drinking. Everyone seems to excel at all three categories and not necessarily in that order.Then there is attentiveness. We all listened closely when the Master of Ceremonies announced the winners of the 5 categories. This is what brought us here and why we were celebrating on this evening to begin with…..and then he spoke of category 4….” The Green Business of the Year Award Goes To……(could it be, oh please let it be)….. THE ANTLERS AT VAIL! “Our table showed no reserve and erupted in applause. If we had brought our six guns, we would have been firing them at the elaborate, ballroom ceiling.We accepted the award and it is now proudly displayed next to the Business of the Year award we received in 2003. In contrast to last year when we were honored to be nominated for Green Business, I must admit, winning is a bit more satisfying.Our staff, our owners, and our guests made this happen and we could not be more proud. Thanks to everyone.Greg Z

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