7 Tips for a Greener Family Reunion

Planning a family reunion? Make your gathering more eco-friendly with these simple tips, developed by the family vacation experts at the Antlers at Vail hotel:

Water Mark – Staying hydrated is always important, but it’s critical at high altitudes like Vail’s 8150 feet. Consider providing family members with refillable water bottles when they arrive. Check the bottle’s recycling symbol; safe, non-toxic plastic options include 2 (high density polyethylene), 4 (low density polyethylene) or 5 (polypropylene).

Walk the Walk – Hold your reunion near plenty of attractions and activities to reduce driving – and appeal to family members of all ages. In Vail, there are numerous shops, restaurants, galleries, bike trails and more within walking distance of the Antlers; a free, energy-efficient shuttle bus also stops throughout the village.

Picture Perfect – Disposable cameras are so last year. Go digital to eliminate chemical processing and waste. Camerarenter.com will rent your group digital cameras, fully insured, and even create a free picture sharing website for your family after the reunion.

Fresh Air – Choose a location with natural ventilation to reduce carbon emissions from air conditioning. At the Antlers, windows and doors can be opened in the meeting spaces and condominiums, and private balconies let guests enjoy the cool mountain air.

Can the Trash – Ask the catering department about its environmental practices, and choose a property like the Antlers that uses china dishes, cutlery and linens plus bulk dispensers for condiments to reduce waste. Dedicated bins in guest rooms and public areas also encourage recycling.

Bag It – Provide family members with an environmentally friendly tote bag to use during the reunion. A side benefit? It’s perfect for carrying groceries when guests return home.

Green Eats – Eating local food reduces transportation emissions, processing and packaging. Visit a farmers’ market for the freshest food and a fun, festival atmosphere. The Vail Farmers’ Market offers produce from Colorado growers every Sunday through early September.

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